Try it Out

Before you buy a bike, you can try out any of our bikes in our parking lot. That’s the only way to tell if a bike is right for you. You can tell a little about a bike by sitting on it in a store. But not much. You really need to ride it around to know if it’s the right bike.

Tour de Parking Lot

After you’ve spent some time in the store talking to our trained staff and they’ve helped you pick out a bike, take it out into our parking lot and ride it around. Up and down. In figure eights. Try the brakes. Practice working the shifters. See if you’re a good match.

We’ll help you out by adjusting the seat and the handlebars while you’re on your trial ride. We want your bike to fit you perfectly. And we want you to have the perfect bike.

A Trial Ride is Important

You probably wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on. And you wouldn’t buy a car by sitting in the parking lot turning the steering wheel and honking the horn. And you should only buy a bike that you can ride before you buy it. Riding a bike is different than sitting on one in a store. And you won’t get to ride a bike around the department store before you buy one. Not without a couple of clerks chasing you around.