Free Service for a Year

Every new bike needs time to break in. Cables loosen with use and need tightening. Brake pads can come out of alignment. Wheels can go out of true. Bring your bike back to us anytime during the first year and we’ll look it over. We’ll tighten and align and adjust all the little things on a new bike that need tightening and aligning and adjusting. And we’ll do it for free.

photo of bikes

When you buy a bike from West Chester Cyclery, you get a year of free service. Guaranteed. No arguments. You don’t even need a receipt. Give us your name, address or phone number, and we’ll look you up in the computer. Simple.

Free checkups. Free diagnosis. Free tune-ups.

Fine Print

Our Free Service policy covers repair and service for all the bangs and bumps that happen to a bike during normal wear and tear. The only things not covered by our Free Service policy are flat tires and damage caused by misuse such as:

  • a bike that’s been jumped off the roof of the garage
  • a bike that’s been run over by a car while sitting in the driveway
  • a bike that’s been left out in the elements to rust.

But if you’ve given your bike the kind of loving care that we’ll give it, we’ll service it for free during the first year. Guaranteed.